The German side of Denmark: from Padborg to Flensburg

Copenhagen is a vivid city with a lot of sights around and with its population being almost a third of whole Denmark, if you want to travel somewhere from here chances are that you will grab a flight out of the country rather than a train inland. However, I do want to tell you a few words about my short trip to Padborg, a Danish frontier town located on the border with Germany. Tourists don’t come here so I’d like to thank my local friend Eva for a chill and funny tour.

Train from Copenhagen takes about 3.5 hours and I had a layover of 1 hour in Kolding waiting for my connection. Not such a long time but you can have a great walk seeing the castle and the lake within short walk from the station.


In Denmark, where there’s a lake, swans are always present.

kolding swans


Historically, Kolding was aslo battle field where Danes fought battles with Swedes and Germans. Now, it’s pretty, colorful and with bikes all over.


Padborg is more like a big village and it’s mostly known for buying cheap haribo and alchool, people, of course, are a mixture between Germans and Danes and the life is pretty chill around.

Nobody cares if you run through the fields from Denmark to Germany.



A while ago they probably did care. Here is Frøslev Camp,  a concentration camp in German-occupied Denmark in WW2 where political prisoners were held.

padborg camp

Wandering around Padborg fields we make some friends and we get to know more about snails diverse diet.


Next day we go to Flensburg and by this I check off my list another way of crossing the border: biking. Walking around the harbour, crossing the main street and going uphill for the view are the things you need to do to get a bit of the city vibe.


The mini-trip ends with a short visit to Rømø Island. The spot is popular among tourists because of its beaches where you can feel free not wearing any clothes and legally drive motor vehicles.



_DSC0413 _DSC0484 _DSC0566

Summer hugs from Eva & me


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